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The Weymouth Bay Pliosaur

The Weymouth Bay Pliosaur is said to be one of the largest predators ever to have lived on earth. Its discovery captured public interest worldwide and The University of Southampton was able to work with the Dorset Museums Advisory Service to enhance this discovery through the use of the newly-established µ-VIS imaging centre – home to one of the largest high energy micro-focus X-ray sources currently in production.

Media coverage about the project and the µ-VIS centre was broadcast on BBC news and BBC webpages. CBS coverage in the US, along with reports in India and China. Later the Pliosaur was unveiled at the Dorset County Museum by Sir David Attenborough.

The results have been disseminated through the creation of an interactive display for Dorset County Museum who estimate that the presence of the display accounted for a 10% increase in visitor numbers over the previous year and is consequently helping to support the local economy of the Jurassic coast.

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