EnergyX-ray computed tomography of titanium felts

Titanium felt is a rigid porous material commonly used as a highly effective electrode material. As such, it has been applied successfully in electrochemical flow reactors for hypochlorite production, cerium-based redox flow batteries and reversible

Civil EngineeringRailway ballast

1Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton Over its life cycle, railway ballast undergoes changes to its fabric structure due to train loading and maintenance (e.g. tamping). Understanding these changes and linking them quantitatively to

ArtPseudomorph modelling

In this project for the Isle of Portland in Dorset, the artist was looking to use contemporary technology to complete a geological process that was started in the Jurassic: the creation of a pseudomorph –

ArchaeologyRevealing Hidden Treasure

Two small Roman pots (Figure 1), both full of coins, were discovered recently by metal-detectorists in Yorkshire. Instead of breaking the pots and extracting the coins they left them intact and reported the finding of