We are committed to empowering researchers and facilitating groundbreaking discoveries. From funding support to technical assistance, we’re here to help you integrate X-ray CT in your research projects.

Here’s how we can assist you:

Engagement and Consultation: The first step is to engage with us and discuss your specific requirements. Whether you’re an experienced XCT user or new to the technique, we team is here to provide guidance tailored to your needs.

Quoting and Approval: Once we understand your requirements we will issue a quote and, if necessary, a support or commitment statement. Should specific requirements be outlined by the funding body, please discuss them with us.

  • Internal Researchers: If you are an internal UoS researcher you should complete and send us the Facilities Quote Form for final sign-off. Please note that a University of Southampton login is required for accessing this form. After approval, you can enter the approved quote into the Worktribe system which streamlines the administrative process. For additional support please see Worktribe Research & Enterprise Support
  • External Researchers: If you are an external academic or industrial researcher submitting a research funding bid, you receive a quote and, if applicable, a support or commitment statement from us or your local contact.

In addition to facilitating the logistical aspects for preparing your funding bid, we are also dedicated to promoting exploration.

To this end, we offer annual licenses exclusively to Southampton-based researchers. These licenses provide access to our cutting-edge equipment at a significantly reduced cost, thanks to substantial subsidies from μ-VIS, and can be used for generating preliminary data for supporting a bid. For more details please see our internal Wiki

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