μ-VIS welcomes collaborations and offers a range of services to external academic and industrial institutions.

We can support research and RTD projects in a variety of disciplines such as materials science, biomedical imaging, electronics, palaeontology/archaeology and earth and environmental science. Typical applications include:

‣ production of images
‣ image analysis (sample visualisation and measurement)
‣ defect detection
‣ actual-nominal comparison
‣ assembly analysis
‣ FE model generation (meshing)
‣ extraction of STL models
‣ academic and industrial consultancy services

Should your wish to discuss your needs in more details please contact us at muvis-info@soton.ac.uk or submit a request and a member of μ-VIS staff will contact you as soon possible.

Applying for access

Internal or external academic researchers: please fill out a “Scan request form” to submit an initial proposal, request or inquire.

Industrial customers: please contact us for information regarding commercial access to the Centre and/or to discuss potential projects and costing.

Part III/MSc students: If you are an undergraduate or MSc student and require beamtime or access to the image analysis suite please fill out a “Part III/MSc registration form“.

Submit a request

Scan request via NXCT

Scan request to muvis

Computing suite access

Training request

Undergraduate & MSc Request

Training sessions and workshops

The μ-VIS centre typically runs two introductory training sessions for new users from the University community each year.  We also host occasional workshops on more specialised topics.  For more details or to book a place on a training session please fill out the training request form.

Biomedical imaging and 3D X-ray histology users might also be interested in the training sessions offered by the Biomedical Imaging Unit on mage processing and analysis using Fiji / ImageJ and the upcoming 3D Microscopy course. Find out more here.

Presentations from previous training and workshop sessions, as well as other relevant resources are available on μ-VIS Wiki (on-campus/VPN access only).