The Centre’s computing infrastructure is designed to allow fast and efficient handling of the large volumes of data that are generated during CT scanning, reconstruction and analysis. With a dedicated high-speed network for fast data transfers, over 300 TB raw data storage capacity, and a suite of dual-processor high-performance workstations users are well supported through all analysis workflows. Both open source and commercial software packages are available, including Avizo, VGStudioMax, Simpleware ScanIP, and Fiji/ImageJ.


Computational facilities

‣ 13 high-specification, dual-socket workstations with between 96 – 512 GiB RAM each
‣ Dedicated fast data transfer network
‣ Dedicated, high speed storage with over 300 TB raw capacity
‣ Leading commercial and open-source software packages available
‣ Supportive and collaborative environment empowers development and optimisation of novel analysis workflows


Highfield Campus