This is a prototype machine of Nikon’s new Med-X series. This scanner was designed by us and build by Nikon X-Tek systems Ltd as an imaging research tool for biology and medicine. It can be used for non-destructive radiographical and tomographical inspection of biomedically relevant specimens, and is optimised for unstained formalin-fixed and paraffin-embeded (FFPE) soft tissues specimens.

The instrument was commisioned in August, 2016 and is hosted at the Biomedical Imaging Unit at University Hospital Southampton.


Nikon Med-X (alpha)

‣ 130 kVp X-Ray source
‣ optimised for biomedical imaging & unstained FFPE histological specimens
‣ standard reflection target (~2 µm spot)
‣ 2 x 2k flat panel detector
‣ Standard cone-beam & helical scanning
‣ samples up to ~300 mm and up to 15 kg


University Hospital Southampton (UHS)