November 29, 2018

Dragonfly day – A ‘Cracking’ day at µ-VIS

Dragonfly Days are a popular initiative run in partnership with the Outreach team for Year 9 girls from local schools to encourage young women to consider the benefits of further study, and careers, in science and engineering.

This year’s Dragonfly day hosted at µ-VIS came with an extra Christmassy twist. We carried out an in situ experiment within our large walk in scanner, to pull a Christmas cracker during live radiography. The students tried to guess what toy was inside, and the first to guess won it as a prize!

As well as using our light boxes, the students had a virtual reality experience with real CT scanned specimens, including a spider, mouse skull, bone cells and micro-fossils (foraminifera).

For more information about the Dragonfly day and how to get involved, please visit: