New equipment

January 25, 2023

Southampton takes 3D X-ray imaging to new heights with UK’s largest academic walk-in X-ray CT scanner

Southampton has unveiled the UK’s largest academic walk-in X-ray microfocus CT scanner, a cutting-edge technology that can examine large items up to 200 kg in weight and 2.2 m in height

μ-VIS is proud to announce a major step forward in its research capabilities with the commissioning of the UK’s largest academic walk-in
X-ray μCT scanner. Thanks to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s (EPSRC) funding through the National Research Facility for lab-based X-ray computed tomography (NXCT), the diondo d5 system is now part of the >μ-VIS X-ray Imaging Centre.

This state-of-the-art scanner is an addition to the unique range of μCT equipment available at μ-VIS, providing researchers in various fields including engineering, materials science, archaeology and biology, unparalleled access to data and insights.

“The µ-VIS X-ray Imaging Centre has an established position in the UK academic community, in being able to handle samples that are simply too large and challenging for any other labs around the country. As always, our doors are wide open to collaborate with researchers and industry across multiple disciplines, from engineering, to the geological and geotechnical sciences, to cultural artefacts, to biomedical applications. The new d5 system again places us at the forefront of UK capabilities, pushing the envelope imaging performance in several directions at once, simply going larger, heavier, higher resolution and potentially faster than incumbent capabilities.” Professor Ian Sinclair, Mechanical Engineering, FEPS

At the launch event for the new scanner, attendees were treated to a demonstration of the technology by Ian Sinclair, the Academic Director of μ-VIS. The event was attended by a number of prominent individuals from various organizations and universities, including the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Southampton, Mark Smith, who cut the ribbon and declared the scanner open for business.

Industrial partners with whom the university has worked closely over the years, such as Chris Lackey and Chris Helliwell from McLaren, and Erick Montes De Oca and Anna Scott from Magma Global, were also invited to the event to discuss the value of the technology to their work. The representatives of the three university partners in NXCT, including Macro Endrizzi from UCL, Philip Withers and Tim Burnett from Manchester, Paul Wilson and Mark Williams from Warwick, completed the list of attendees.

Other attendees included Robert Wood, Associate Dean Research from the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS), Michael Butler, Dean of FEPS, Diana Eccles, Dean of Medicine, Clinton Styles, Associate Dean Enterprise of FEPS, and Simon Cox, Head of Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering. μ-VIS staff, including Mark Mavrogordato (Director of Operations), Katy Rankin, Stephanie Robinson, Ronan Smith, Philip Basford, and Ehsan Nazemi were also present at the event.