Symposium, Users meetings, Conference

September 12, 2019

7th annual Tomography for Scientific Advancement (ToScA) symposium, Southampton, UK

A warm thank you to all delegates, sponsors and invited speaker that made ToScA 2019 a memorable experience!
Along with a broad, multidisciplinary range of applications, this year’s conference included themes on biological (hard and soft) tissue imaging; understanding materials in 3D and recent advances in hardware and software tools. Workshops took place on Wednesday 11 September and the Symposiumon Thursday 12 September & Friday 13 September 2019.

This international symposium consisted of keynote speakers, podium talks, poster presentations and an image competition. The symposium fostered open discussions, networking, and collaborative opportunities between domains of expertise in academia, commercial users, and software and hardware providers.

The symposium took place at the University of Southampton and was hosted by the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine, as a collaboration between the µ-VIS X-ray Imaging Centre and the Biomedical Imaging Unit.