March 23, 2023

Foetal Post-Mortem Imaging Seminar at UHS

Foetal Post-Mortem Imaging Seminar Combines Pathology, Radiology and Bereavement Support Experts

A seminar focusing on foetal post-mortem imaging using X-ray microfocus Computed Tomography (μCT) was held at the University Hospital Southampton on 23 Mar 2023. The seminar brought together leading experts in pathology, radiology, and bereavement support to discuss the application of micro-CT for post-mortem human foetal imaging, as well as practicalities related to handling foetal remains and providing family support.

Dr Orestis Katsamenis and Dr Patricia Goggin, from μ-VIS X-ray Histology facility and the Biomedical Imaging Unit (BIU), hosted the event.

During the seminar, experts such as Prof Owen Arthurs, a Consultant Paediatric Radiologist at GOSH, and Dr Ciaran Hutchinson, a Consultant Paediatric & Perinatal Pathologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital, discussed the potential benefits of post-mortem imaging for modern autopsies, including the advantages of less invasive techniques for perinatal pathology. Dr Ian Simcock, Lead Clinical Academic Radiographer at GOSH, and Vanna Lee, an anatomical pathology technologist, also presented on the use of micro-CT for foetal imaging and provided insights into practicalities in the mortuary, handling, and family support.

The seminar also featured a patient/parent voice section and was endorsed by Sands UK and Daddys With Angels (DWA). James Thompson, Specialist Electron Microscopist from UoS/UHS, Southern ambassador for DWA (Daddys With Angels, international) and Chair and befriender of Southampton Sands (Stillbirth And Neonatal Death, UK) reflecting on the child loss community.

The seminar was followed by an interactive workshop on case studies demonstrating the potential of micro-CT for foetal imaging.